To the Editor:

The article ''Companies Adding Benefits for Care of the Elderly'' (July 7) helped show the importance of providing elder care benefits.

Companies that explore and embrace the needs of baby boom employees and their aging parents will see the benefits of their compassion and improve their public image. Waiting for the baby boom explosion will be too late if they want to retain productivity and low turnover.

As a geriatric care manager, I am aware of the struggles and challenges that adult children face in maintaining their responsibilities to work and family coupled with caring for aging parents.

The knowledge and resources of a care manager along with an appropriate and comprehensive elder assessment are invaluable in order to provide safety to the older adult, as well as peace of mind to their family.

Red tape, confusing guidelines and long-distance care giving can be obstacles to employees who become stymied and lose their effectiveness at work and at home. These corporate efforts will convert the financial and emotional drain to personal and professional gain.


New York City

July 7, 2002